About the Union

DrinksUnion Eurasia is a voluntary non-profit association of legal entities, whose main activity is the production or sales of juice products, soft drinks and bottled water. Organizations conducting activities in the sphere of production, supply and research of soft drinks, juice products and bottled waters, raw materials or equipment needed for the production or providing educational, consulting, technical and supply services for companies and organizations interested in the development of soft drinks, juice products and bottled water Eurasia market are also members of the Union.
The Eurasian Union of Juice, Water and Beverage Producers, DrinksUnion Eurasia, was founded in 2022 as an independent association of beverage producers of EAEU and CIS countries.
Union members must share Union goals, acknowledge and adhere to the Charter
The subject of activity of the Union
is the consolidation of common efforts to form legal and regulatory environment in order to sustain the Union members' activity with the aim of increasing the quality of juice products (juices including concentrated juices, nectars, juice-containing drinks), soft drinks and bottled water by supporting the production and sales of high-quality products, whose production is based on the modern technologies, management and product quality control.
DrinksUnion Eurasia brings together responsible producers of the Eurasian space

The Union management

  • Maksim Novikov
    Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Dmitrii Pesterev
    Head of external communications
  • Alla Andreeva
    Head of internal communications